The Evening of Bonfires

         The Evening of Bonfires

       Holi is the festival of good fortune to evil. The importance of Holika Dahan is as much as the colors of the Holi. Because this is the same day when you can fulfill any of your wishes and burn any evil in the fire. Holika Dahan or Holi is a festival celebrated in northern parts of India.

The Evening of Bonfires
          The Evening of Bonfires                                              Photo Credit: TimesofIndia                         

         The name of Holi also knows Holika Dahan. On the day when Holi is lit, we also call it small holi. Holika is associated with combustion, and many stories are there.

The story of Holika Dahan:

   All of us celebrates Holika on the eve of the holi, i.e., Phalgun Shukla Chaturdashi. There is a story attached to it. It is said that a tyrannical King Hiranyakashyapu ruled the earth years ago. He ordered his subjects not to bow down to God, but to worship him alone.

But his son Prahlad was the supreme devotee of God. He continued his devotion by ignoring his father's command. Therefore, Hiranyakashyapu decided to punish his son. He put Prahlad in the lap of his sister Holika and handed them both to the fire. Holika had got a boon from God that she would never burn from the fire. But because of giving support to the mischief, Holika was consumed by the fire, and virtuous Prahlad escaped.Since that time, we have been celebrating Holika Dahan for burning the evils of society

Holika Dahan's Tradition:

    According to the scriptures, we celebrate Holika a day before Holi. This fire is considered a symbol of the victory of good over evil. Another significance of Holika combustion is that it is believed that roasted grain is called Holka in Sanskrit, and it is said that Holi or Holika is derived from the word "Holka," i.e., the grain. These grains are used for havan, then the people nearby this fire puts the ashes from this fire on their forehead so that no evil can have any bad effect on them. This ash is also known as the "land of Hari."

The significance of Holika Dahan:

The preparation of Holika Dahan begins 40 days before the festival. In which people collect dry twigs, dry leaves. Then on the evening of Phalguna Purnima, the fire is lit, and the chants of the rakshasa are pronounced. On the second day before bathing, people put the ashes of this fire on their body. The importance of Holika combustion is that your firm will save you from all the evils, such as Prahlada.

              It is said that no matter how powerful the evil is, the victory is always of good.That is why Holika combustion is also an essential part of the Holi festival.
 Happy Holi!

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