Holi celebration

Holi celebration

     The festival of Holi in India fills a lot of happiness and color in everyone's life, due to making people's lives colorful, it is commonly called 'Rang Mahotsav.' It brings unity and love between people.Holi is also known the "festival of love." This Holi Festival is a traditional and cultural Hindu festival, which has been celebrated by old generations since ancient times and is being followed by the new crop every year.

Holi celebration
Holi celebration

      This is a festival of love and color which is celebrated every year by the people of the Hindu religion with joy and enthusiasm. It is a festival of refreshment to the mind, which refreshes not only the brain but also relationships. It is such a festival that people are expressing love and affection with their family members and relatives, who also strengthen their relationships. It is such a festival that people forget about their old bad behavior and get involved in relationships.

On this day people use red color and red gulal which are not only red color but also symbolize love and affection for each other. In fact, not only paint people outdoors but also their soul colors in different colors. It is not fair to say ordinary festivals because it gives color to non-colored people. It brings a comma in the usual routine of people's busy life.

This festival is celebrated everywhere by the Hindus of Indian origin. However, it is mainly observed by the people of India and Nepal. It is a festive ritual, in which all burn together besides Holika, sings, and dances, with the myth that all bad habits and bad power burns with Holika and with new energy and good practices in their life Will achieve achievements. The next morning brings them much happiness, which they express by playing colors and gambling all day.

To play Holi, they use water guns (balloons) and balloons in open roads, parks, and buildings. Some musical instruments are used to sing and dance. They spend their whole day coloring, singing, dancing, eating delicious things, drinking, meeting each other's hugs, meeting at friends' house and lots of activities.

Holi is celebrated when

According to the  Calendar, Holi is observed in the month of March (or sometimes in the month of February) in Phalgun Purnima. This festival is also an indication of the victory of good over evil power. This is such a festival when people meet each other, laugh, forget problems and forgive each other and revive relationships. It is celebrated with great joy, on the last day of the full moon of Phalgun, the beginning of the summer season and the end of the winter season. It is a festival of many fun and gleeful activities that bind people in one place. They wear new clothes to show their happiness.

 Happy Holi!

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