Festival of Colours

   Festival of Colours

Many religions and sects live in India. Everyone has their own beliefs, lifestyle, and dresses. The festivals of all are also different. Therefore, there are no festivals related to some religion every month in the country.

Festival of Colours
Festival of Colours

         Sometimes people celebrate Diwali's happiness, and then sometimes Lord prays in the church on the birthday of Christ. In the same way, Muslims are seen appearing on the occasion of Eid and offering prayers. Then, on occasion of Vaisakhi, Sikh Bhangra is seen dancing, singing, and singing. Holi festival, joy festival of Holi is also celebrated in the same way through the country.

The festival of Holi is a major festival of the Hindus, which is celebrated every year as per Hindu calendar, the full moon of Phalgun month is observed. Many mythological stories are prevalent in the context of unity, union, and celebration of celebrating this festival.

Primarily, the legend of this festival is that in ancient times, the monks Raja Hiranyakaship was a tyrannical and arrogant king. He considered himself superior to Gods. In his kingdom, there was a ban on worship and worship of Vishnu, but he could not stop the devotion of his son Prahlad. When all attempts failed to intimidate, threaten and kill Prahlad, then he handed over his responsibility to his sister Holika. It was a boon to Holika that the fire could spoil her nothing.

I was holding her in the lap with the purpose of burning Holika Prahlad. However, the attempts of Holika in the face of Prahlada's devotion remained sterile. In that fire, Holika was burnt to death, but the devotee Prahalad's hair also did not get baked. From that day, Holika Dahan is organized a day before the festival of Holi traditionally. Thus, this holy festival of Holi gives a message of unrighteousness on religion and the victory of truth on the untruth.

The atmosphere is delightful on the auspicious occasion of Holi. The impact of autumn fades up to that time. On the place of the cold, cold air, the running of the temperate basalt air starts to circulate in a pleasant atmosphere. Farmers also get the full zoom with pleasure.

At this time there is an opportunity to harvest crops on farms. The baked yield doubles the joy of the Holikotsav. Amor stages, flower-laden trees, and plants spread all round fragrance. On this occasion, shops, roads, etc. are built on the alert. Many places are decorated with an archway. Sweets of various flavors of sweet and tasty flavors at the cute shops attract everyone.

Holi plays Holi with Abir, Gulle, and Colors on the second day of combustion. The whole atmosphere pervades in color. The youth started making ropes and went out on the roads with drums, and nagadas, etc. On every side, people are spinning in fun and wearing Abir-Gulal and rain showers on each other.

On the occasion of Holi, children's enthusiasm is seen only. At high places, people remain immersed in holi colors and fun from all week long. In the evening, Holi-Mela ceremony is held in many areas in which humorous poems, elaborate and other colorful events are organized. Besides, in the evening all the people get new clothes and get to each other's house.

Holi festival is a festival of fun and happiness. This euphoria is a symbol of mutual union and unity. On the occasion of this festival, people forget about mutual hostility and become friends. This festival ignites the riches of rich and poor and kindles the light of love in the atmosphere. Of course, Holi is our cultural heritage.

We should fulfill this tradition. We should oppose the elements that take advantage of this opportunity by spreading obscenity in the environment or using hazardous chemicals that cause mud, soot and skin damage to the colors. To avoid them, people used to prepare colors from flowers in many different ways.

There is a need to revive this ancient tradition and similar auspicious rituals. On this occasion, drinking also tarnishes the image of the festival. Therefore, fulfilling the purity of the original culture of this festival is the moral responsibility of all of us. We also should devote ourselves to the excitement of Holi with a new zeal and devote ourselves to the upliftment of society.

 Happy Holi!

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