Eco Friendly Holi

Eco-Friendly Holi

            Holi's fun, excitement, excitement increases, even more, when we use organic colors. It does not cause many losses to the body, and we can play without fear. If you want, you can make these colors at home only. Learn how to create organic colors.

Eco Friendly Holi
Eco-Friendly Holi

       Time is constantly changing, and people's thinking is changing too. People on Holi festival of colors are now enjoying playing eco-friendly Holi. This is happening in Holi Milan programs. People have started to find alternatives to chemical colors. Given the problem of water, we have to emphasize water conservation. Many NGOs are also involved in this. These organizations are playing Holi with sandalwood and flowers during the Holi celebrations being celebrated by them.

               60 to 80 liters of water is spent in releasing artificial colors after the Holi, while Holi played with gulal costs 40-50 liters of water on an average. On the other hand, if you use natural colors, then the usual 20 liters of water used in the bath, the expenditure will be spent. In this way, we will directly support water conservation by saving water.

              By playing Holi with natural colors, happiness can be doubled. Traditionally, orange saffron color is obtained by boiling the flowers of tesus found in the forests. To make red color, grind red rose leaves can be grinded and used as red gulas. Mixing two spoons turmeric with four spoons of gram flour can be used as a yellow gulal. At the same time, the leaves of the palms of the flowers can be made dry and pasted or pasted. Two spoonful turmeric powder will be boiled in two liters of water and become thick yellow color. Boiling 50 lilies of flowers in two liters of water will get a beautiful yellow color. The leaves of Gulmohar, spinach, coriander, peppermint, etc. can be used for drying and grinding and used as a green gulal. Crush beetroot in one liter of hot water and soak it overnight. It will turn into a purple color.

               Everyone in Holi advises, be careful with artificial colors, stay away. However, no one does not tell you to stay away from these colors, so what kind of colors should you celebrate Holi? If you do not want to play Holi with artificial colors, then use Organic Colors.

Dry Red Color

We all know that sandalwood is beneficial for our skin.

Use red sandalwood instead of buying from a dry red gulal market.

Make powder by using it as a color of Holi.

If you want, then dry the flowers of Gudhal and make powder too.

Add little flour in it, and it will become more color.

To make the wet red color
After boiling the red sandalwood powder in water, play Holi with this red color water.

If the atmosphere is fragrant only by the water spray, there will be no danger of any stains on the skin.

Pomegranate seeds can also be made red by boiling water.

Green Color

The green color is also considered an indicator of the environment.

You can make organic green color using Mehndi or Hina Powder.

By mixing Hina powders or henna with flour or flour, one can prepare a lot of green colors to play Holi.

Also dry the coriander, mint, grind them and become green.

Yellow Color

Mix turmeric in a little turmeric and make organic yellow color.

To make wet-yellow color, mix turmeric in water and play Holi boldly.

However, keep in mind that do not use turmeric used every day.

The main reason for this is that often women use only one teaspoon of spices used in the kitchen, which also mixes the elements of salt and pepper in turmeric.

So keep in mind that buy turmeric's new packet from the market.

Apart from this, you can make a yellow color by drying yellow flowers.

Thick pink

Magenta, i.e., Beet Root, i.e., beetroot best to make a dense pink color.

Dry beet sugar for this.

When it is completely dried, grind it.

Now it will become a thick pink color.

Purple color

Black grapes or berries can be boiled to get the purple color.

Keep in mind that only after the water gets cold, use colorful water.

By making these colors at home, you can play beautifully colored and beautiful Holi.

 Happy Holi!

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