Dulandi Holi

Dulandi Holi

Dhulendi is a famous festival of Haryana as Holi. In Indian culture, the unique mix of harmony between relationships and nature is found in the Holi of Haryana. In Haryana, Holi celebrates as Dhulendi, and dry Holi plays with Gulal and Abir.

Dulandi Holi
Dulandi Holi

Bhabhis have the complete exemption on the day of Dhuleli that they should punish their devotees throughout the year. Bhabhi's suffer from different types of Goddesses and the poor and needy poorly bear because on this day it is the day of the Bhabhi is. In the evening, Devar brings gifts to his beloved sister-in-law, and sister-in-law blesses him, but after the blessing and blessings, it starts again and again, the relationship between Devar and Sister-in-law's relationship and the persecution of each other. The program is also organised on this day.

Dhulendi to Rangapanchami

The main thread of this festival, mainly five days (from Pratipada to Panchami), is the sentence: love, glee, unity and brotherhood.

After Holika Dahan, Pratipada, that means Dhulendi should worship God and bless her with her parents too.

All friends should be given a place by wearing color, Abir, Gulal

The dholak or the bed should be arranged. Then the crew should be removed by creating a gang
During this time, friends, neighbors and relatives should also be included in the ceremony by wearing gulas.

During the funeral, an atmosphere of joy and glee is created by holding jokes, comedies, parodies, strange strings, and making fun of them.

After bathing in the evening, after seeing God, take blessings of parents.

Dwitiya, Tritiya and Chaturthi are giving each other the best wishes of Holi and desserts are on the day of eating and feeding.

Panchami, i.e. color-Panchami is done as it was done to Pratipada, i.e. Dhulendi. In some areas, the festival of colour Panchami is celebrated with much emphasis. On this day, all the people together make groups 'gaar' and then grouts in the form of a festive gathering.

In these days, the mind can be tackled by giving humorous titles to friends or equals.

In these five days, going to the enemy's house, hugging them, removing the gills, Holi is played with them and also for them. Mangal wishes are made. Happy Holi!

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