Basant Utsav

         Basant Utsav

     Spring begins with Shukla Panchami of Magh month. In the Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki has done desirable portions of the spring. Lord Krishna has called Vasant as his creation by calling 'Seasonwise Kusumakar' in Geeta.

 Basant Utsav
 Basant Utsav

The poet Jaydev does not tire of describing the spring. Invariably appealing nature seems very tempting in the spring. Due to its unique beauty, it attracts humans.

The celebration of spring is a celebration of nature worship. The ever-looking nature of the sun rises in sixteen arts in the spring. Puberty is the spring of Madhumas of our life and spring is the youth of this creation.

Humans should go to the unique closeness of nature to the beauty of their health and life. There is such magic in nature that immediately forgets all the pain of human beings. If the proximity of view is always achieved, its effect on human life is profound.

Basant Panchami

There is no ego in nature. For this reason, when we go to the proximity of view, we also feel closer to the Lord.
All dualities of happiness and sorrow are beyond - nature In the different forms of spring or rain, the Lord's hand keeps walking on the creation and the whole nature sparkles with the touch of the Lord.

If there is a touch of the Lord in life also, then whole life is changed. Spring will blossom in life, the grief of life, the gentle, will be overcome all momentarily. In the presence of Lord Rama, there is a continuous era of empire, and it is a seasoned season of spring!

From the proximity of nature, the energy of the human body, the joy in the mind, the happiness in the intellect and the consciousness in the heart are created; the spring is entering from the main gate. The whole creation seems to be happy. There is probably not enough of two eyes to drink the unique melody of nature. Where are the beauty of the creation and the fondness of puberty, where is the work of disappointment, dysphoria and inaction?
However, if the Lord's voice is not in the beauty and nature of the human being, then it becomes the path of luxury and puts the man in the trunk of destruction. Therefore, there should be the voice of the Gita in the music of the spring.

The celebration of spring symbolises immortality. The true priest of spring is never disappointed in life. Just as the leaves of the tree fall in the fall, so it shocks disappointments and failures from their experience. In the being surrounded by despair, the message of spring hope comes with. In the atmosphere of despair, the single ray of hope falls.

With the beautiful collaboration of devotion and power, this life and nature become beautiful. Think of his life as a live commentary of Geeta. The discretion of all the suffering that comes in life and with a positive vision arises. Beautiful combination of spring and hope and accomplishment is excellent coordination of imagination and reality. It is Vijay's victory over hopelessness and turmoil.

Life and spring that has been shaped calls such a human being our culture saint. Those who brought spring in life are the same saint.

The spring, which creates beauty, music and affection in life, in our experience, it will come to know that we have attained puberty and patience, hope and accomplishment, imagination and reality, devotion and power, surgeon and immersion, Understand the essence of spring in the real sense and put it in your life.

                                                                                                       Happy Holi!

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